About Me

World Games in Duisburg 2005, Kaohsiung 2009, Cali 2013 and Wroclaw 2017

British Masters National Athletic Championships

Turin Winter Olympics 2006

Beijing Olympics 2008

London Olympics and Paralympics 2012

Balkan open and European Challengers Cup in JuJitsu, Bucharest, 2012

Medical Officer to the British Virgin Islands at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

Following his graduation he has undertaken several post-graduate studies:

Sacro-occipital Technique is a technique to help balancing the body especially focusing on the pelvis and cranium.

Various Soft tissue techniques, in order to promote better relaxation and function of the muscles, thus promoting faster recovery, decreasing the chance of recurrences and increasing performance.

Sports Chiropractic Diploma, in 2004 Thomas Jeppesen completed the International Sports Chiropractic Diploma (ICSSD) following 2 years of post-graduate studies.

Thomas Jeppesen has a special interest in sports chiropractic; he has worked at several events including Winter Olympics in Turin 2006, The World Games in Duisburg, Germany 2005, the National Masters Track and Field Championships 2005, the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and the World Games in Koahsiung, Taiwan 2009. Furthermore he has been the team chiropractor to the Leicester Riders Basketball Team since 2003.

Having two lovely daughters himself, he also has a keen interest in treating pregnant women and children. He always says: ‘Regular Spinal Check-ups from childhood should be as common as having your teeth checked. Remember: as the twig is bent, so grows the tree!’

Have your spine checked regularly