What is a manipulation?

The chiropractor uses a carefully directed and controlled pressure in a precise direction to a joint that is not moving properly, to allow the body to begin the healing process

How is a manipulation given?

There are many different ways. It may be a quick movement or slow constant pressure, sometimes only one area may be adjusted and sometimes the entire spine will receive attention.

What is the popping sound?

The same as with knuckle cracking. It indicates the joint has separated slightly and released normal fluids and gases in the joint.

I’ve got osteoarthritis, which hurts when I walk. Can you help?

Probably. Degenerated joints are sometimes caused by malfunction in surrounding joints. By restoring this function, thereby spreading the load, a chiropractor can bring relief to the affected joints we cannot help the OsteoArthritis but can often help the associated pain.

What about osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis – a weakness of the bones - is particularly common in post-menopausal women. It can lead to fractures, especially if you fall. By keeping your joints mobile and improving your balance and muscle tone, we can minimise the risk of you falling. We can also advise you on other treatments available.

Will I need xrays?

No, not normally.

How often will I need to come?

Ongoing chiropractic care can continue the healing process and help prevent your problem returning. In the beginning you will need more frequent adjustments in order to mobilise your spine and improve spinal function - this will usually result in the relief of ache or pain. The frequency of your visits reduces as you respond to improved spinal function.

How long will it take to get well?

How long have you been in pain? In general: the sooner you come to us, the faster you’ll recover and vice versa. At your first visit, we should be able to give you a pretty good idea of the expected recovery time. Healing takes time and differs from person to person.

How much will it cost?

This varies from individual to individual, the time the client has suffered for and their motivation to get well. A lot less than some people expect.

Do I have to keep coming back forever?

No! In our Clinic we have three types of care: pain relief care, corrective care and maintenance care. Pain usually subsides relatively fast. However, correcting the cause of a problem takes longer. You have the option of continuing your care when the pain subsides in order to get help relaxing the tight muscles and moving the stiff joints that often build up from poor posture and stresses. Just as you go to the dentist for regular checkups, having your spine checked by the chiropractor regularly is equally important.

Do I have to be referred by a doctor?

No. Chiropractors are Primary Health-Care Professionals, like Dentists and Opticians.

Are you registered?

Yes. All the chiropractors at the Health on Hand Clinics are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and members of the British Chiropractic Association.

What about private medical insurance?

We are registered with most of the major insurance companies, please contact yours and ask them about referral policies.


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