Without proper care, advice and/or treatment people with back pain or repetitive strain injury may have to leave their jobs and even with milder symptoms they may be in constant pain or have to take large numbers of days off every year - or work inefficiently.

Not providing an adequate service for the workforce may prove false economy.

Chiropractors have worked with numerous companies to help reduce sickness absence costs and costs due to lost productivity. They have shown and documented, that employees are often able to remain at work, or return to work within six to eight chiropractic treatments. There is good evidence to suggest that manipulation is better than placebo and physical modalities for acute low back pain and strong evidence that manipulation works better than placebo, analgesics and GPs for chronic low back pain. Chiropractic treatment has been shown to produce measurable improvements in levels of pain, disability and fear avoidance behaviour.

Thomas Jeppesen has set up a clinic in the company Totemic in Grantham, treating the workers in their workplace and has previously worked with companies such as Motorola, Rover and Intel providing care to their employees and giving presentations on how to avoid musculo-skeletal injuries.

Health on Hand would be pleased to provide you with more information and important statistics regarding chiropractic in the workplace and how your company could save money by providing your employees with the treatment they require.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your business needs further. We would be happy to arrange a presentation (at your place of work or at the clinic) that may convince you and your colleagues of the business case for chiropractic.



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