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“As a professional cyclist I have integrated chiropractic into my training regime.

Thomas has really helped me achieve peak performance on the bike. Whether it was specific care for an injury or helpful stretching advice, he always knows just what will benefit me the most. His overall care and understanding of athletes has been a key factor in keeping me healthy throughout training and competition. I consider chiropractic care an essential element in injury free training and racing, and it

enables me to keep going week in and week out”


Bex Rimmington, Professional Cyclist, Team GB





Dear Thomas,


Let me thank you for incredible service throughout the year from yourself and the staff of Health on Hand Chiropractic Clinic. The benefits and experience were undeniable. When I began coming to your clinic, I had never been to a chiropractor before and did not know what it was. But now after the whole year of treatment I can surly say that it is worth every single minute that I have spent in your clinic. While coming to your clinic I have forgot about my back, neck pain and just overall body feeling felt tremendous. You also kept most of Leicester Riders basketball players injury free throughout the season. Big thanks again.


M.Janiska  MD

Leicester Riders

Professional Basketball Player




At the Health on Hand Clinics we love sport and helping people achieve their best in their chosen sport(s) no matter at what level.

Chiropractic is now used by most professional athletes as they know the significance of having a well balanced body and are so tuned that even small imbalances are felt.

We are members of the Federation of International Sports Chiropractors (FICS) and the British Sports Chiropractic Council (BSCC).


We have a wealth of experience dealing with athletes at national and international levels:


Experiences includes working at various major events:


World Games in Duisburg 2005 and Kaohsiung 2009

British Masters National Athletic Championships

Turin Winter Olympics 2006

Beijing Olympics 2008

London Olympics and Paralympics 2012

Balkan open and European Challengers Cup in Ju Jitsu, Bucharest, 2012


Also Thomas Jeppesen has been the Team Chiropractor to the Leicester Riders Basketball Team since 2004.


Chiropractics role in sports is varied: Working with the entire medical team to provide the best programme for the athlete in order to help create the best balance, function, strength and stability possible. Treating the effects of training and competition: muscle, joint, tendon and ligament niggles, aches and pains.  Advising on how to help prevent injuries by exercise , posture and ergonomic advice.





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