About Me

Neal was drawn to acupuncture originally through martial arts as my experience of working with qi developed. What drew me to acupuncture was the ability to tap into the body’s own powers of healing itself and re-establish a complete and balanced level of health.

Neal qualified as an acupuncturist in 2011, from Portsmouth University with three years extensive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. His approach with acupuncture is prevention once a healthy state has been re-established through the strengthening of your constitution, which helps to keep you in good health

Neals original background is in sports and exercise science and I continue to work as a personal trainer alongside my acupuncture. He has a specialist interest in running and have been a competitive sprinter for most of his life. Optimizing athletic performance through acupuncture is an area he hopes to develop as he grows as an acupuncturist.

Neal also have a keen interest in tai chi chuan, in which he has studied and taught for over 10 years and he is a two time former British Open pushing hands champion. Through acupuncture, he hopes to increase people’s awareness of their own health, and show that you are your body’s own greatest healer.