Babies and Children

At Health on Hand Clinics we love babies and children.


T.Jeppesen has undergone several specific training related to paediatric care and is himself regularly treating his 2 daughters.


We are proficient in gentle spinal and cranial techniques aimed to improve the function of your child’s spine and nervous system. There are many common childhood problems the Chiropractic is beginning to show effectiveness in treating.


Many spinal problems we see in adults begin in childhood.

Proper spinal hygiene (exercises, posture and movement) is an important key to long-term development.


Personal care

We aim to correct the cause of the problem in the least number of visits possible. We use the best available evidence to help your child by drawing information from the scientific literature, knowledge of the natural history of your child's problem and collective clinical experience from many sources all over the world.


In other words we will deliver the best possible care for you and your whole family.






- We know that somewhere between 10 and 25% of teenage school children have significant back pain, probably enough to disturb their concentration and emotional development.


- Studies across Europe (1) show that back pain is very common in children. Around 50% experiencing back pain at some time, although a recent study from France (2) recorded four out of five children having back pain in the last year. In that study the weight of their book bags was one of the strongest predictors. Other predictive values have been age; most studies have found back pain more common in girls; and there is an association between non-specific low back pain in parents and their children.


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